Key Information


A high standard of personal appearance is expected of all students.

Uniform Shop

Compulsory Uniform

Reception Year – Year 6

  • Purple sweatshirt with embroidered school badge – from school supplier
  • Purple sweatshirt cardigan with embroidered school badge – from school supplier
  • Purple polo shirt
  • Charcoal grey trousers, Charcoal grey skirt, or charcoal grey pinafore dress – from the high street

Optional Summer Uniform Terms 5, 6 and 1 only

  • Purple and White check summer dress or charcoal grey shorts – from the high street
  • Tights/socks – black, navy blue, white or grey
  • Black closed toe school shoes (not trainers or canvas type footwear)

    Compulsory PE Kit

    • Purple school sports T-shirt with school badge – from school supplier Plain black shorts – from school supplier or from the high street
    • Trainers (not canvas shoes)

    Other Items

    • Sun Hat – parent to provide
    • Purple Book Bag with school badge – from school supplier. (for Reception Year, Year 1 and Year 2)
    • Purple Rucksack with school badge – from school supplier or own suitable rucksack (for Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6)
    • Purple Gym Sac with school badge – from school supplier


    • One small stud in each ear is permitted. No piercing in inner part of the ear
    • No facial or visible body piercings
    • No bracelets or rings.
    • A wristwatch is allowed


    • Extreme hairstyles are not permitted in the School.
    • “Carved/cut designs” are not permitted.
    • Both boys and girls should not have any bright coloured hair dye added to their natural colour.
      Long hair must be tied up neatly for school.
    • Only a simple coloured band or headband is permitted.
    • Bows and other ornate headbands are not allowed to be worn in school.
    • No nail varnish is to be worn


    We would like to offer some guidance to help avoid any unnecessary footwear purchases. If you have any queries with regards to footwear, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s respective teacher who will be very happy to assist you.

    Please note: this is not an exhaustive list. It simply serves to illustrate some examples of all black, standard, school-style
    shoes appropriate for school. If in doubt please contact your child’s class teacher before buying. Please do not ask staff in local
    shoe shops as they only want to sell shoes and are not aware of our uniform policy.

    Our vision

    Working collaboratively to inspire learners to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values required for lifelong learning and to be successful, active members of the Trust and wider community.