School Life


After school clubs

After school clubs are beneficial for children of all ages. Whether they’re making new friends, learning new skills or simply getting help with some tricky maths, there is a place for every child in an extracurricular club. 

It’s also important to note that after school clubs can play an important role in enhancing educational attainment in children.

Extracurricular clubs

We try to offer a wide range of extracurricular opportunities at Roselands and Stafford, whilst being mindful of the cost implications for parents and carer.

Please use the Arbor Parent Portal to book your child’s club.  Details of the clubs available can be found by clicking on the termly club list below.

Breakfast & Afterschool Clubs


Fireflies operate a Breakfast and After School Club for Roselands and Stafford which are available during term time. Please book directly with Fireflies, further information can be found on their website.

Our vision

Working collaboratively to inspire learners to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values required for lifelong learning and to be successful, active members of the Trust and wider community.