Key Information

Arbor for Parents and Carers


The Parent Portal lets parents register their child for a club or trip, book parents evening slots. Parents can also check in on their child’s attendance, behaviour and progress.

The Parent Portal is our version of Arbor accessible to guardians on a mobile device or computer.


Logging in for the first time

Before you log in for the first time, please wait until your school has enabled the Parent Portal. You will not be able to log in until they have.

When your school enables Parent Portal and the Arbor App, they will send you a welcome email. This will have your login details and a link that will take you to the browser version of the Parent Portal where you need to set up a password.

You won’t be able to do this through the app, as the links in our reset password emails only work with a browser. You can reset your password using a computer, or using a mobile browser on your phone or tablet.


Click the link, then click Forgot your password?. Add in your email address then click Reset password.

If you have a child at more than one Arbor school, you will be asked to select the appropriate school.




You’ll then receive another email. Click the link in this email to set your password.


Create your password. You will then be logged in when you click Create password.



Click to accept the terms and conditions.



As a security precaution, you will then be asked to confirm one of your children’s dates of birth. Once you click verify, you will now be logged in!

You can then close your browser and switch to using the app.


Logging into the Parent Portal

Now your password has been set up, you can log into the Parent Portal by going to and inputting your email address and password.

If you have a child at more than one Arbor school, you will be asked to select the appropriate school. Enter your password, then click Log in.

If you can’t log in, use the I’m a guardian link on the right-hand side to view troubleshooting tips.


Our vision

Working collaboratively to inspire learners to demonstrate the knowledge, skills and values required for lifelong learning and to be successful, active members of the Trust and wider community.