Year 6 Metro Bank

Year 6 have been learning about: saving, banking and budgeting. Alongside this, each class went to the Metro Bank, in Eastbourne, to see how the bank works. This enabled the children to learn about the different sections within a bank. Firstly, we started by the cashier desks where we learnt all about the checks cashiers carry out to prevent your money from getting stolen. We learnt about the different currencies and how to spot fraudulent money.

Then we went to the Customer Service desk. We learnt how to set up an account and which forms of I.D. we need to take with us if we wish to do so. Customer Service also carry out face checks which prevents you from getting your money stolen. They also showed us the printer which can print credit cards.

Next, we went to the Magic Money Machine which allows you to put a guess of how many coins you have before it counts it through using a laser.

Finally, we were taken inside the vault. Izzy has said, “The vault was so cool! We saw all the safety deposit boxes and the different variations in size that they can be. We also saw all the vaults that had money in them. On average they had £50,000 in them!”

At the end, all of Year 6 were given a goodie bag which contained a piggy bank so they will hopefully put into practise all they have learnt over the week!