Year 5 Throwing Challenge

This week, Year 5 took part in an exciting throwing challenge, organised by Mr Richards. This was both a personal and inter-class competition.

The children had to attempt 3 different throws - having three turns at each to improve their personal best. The totals were then added up and winners in each class were as follows:

Acacia: Bronze: Noah (36), Silver: Olivia S, Olivia A, Beau (37), Gold: Leilani, Lily H (39)
Maple: Bronze: Caspian, Tameem, Sophie, Winnie, Henry, Harry S (33), Silver: Phoebe (36), Gold: Ned, Sienna (37)
Oak: Bronze: Louie (34), Silver: Zuzanna (35), Gold: Darcie (37)

Overall winners: Gold: Leilani, Lily H (39), Silver: Ned, Sienna, Olivia S, Olivia A, Beau, Darcie (37) Bronze: Phoebe, Noah (36)

Well done everyone for taking part.