Year 5 Greek Day

On Wednesday, Year 5 had an exciting Greek day. Here is what we got up to:

Over in Acacia, the children had a chance to get messy with PVA glue and newspaper, while they were making paper mache Greek masks. The children decided whether to make one individually or in pairs (although some found it easier working in pairs and less messy!). There was a lovely buzz around the classroom as each group came in and worked on their mask, deciding on the facial features and how they should look.

In Beech, the children tasted a range of Greek foods such as bread sticks, Greek yogurt, olives, feta cheese and bread with olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

The most popular was breadsticks which they dipped in Greek yogurt. It was a unanimous vote across the year group that feta cheese and olives were foods that the children did not like – there were some very interesting faces being made whilst these were being eaten!

Everyone completed a food tasting chart and made comments about all the different foods. In their groups, the children engaged in interesting conversations about what they thought new foods tasted like.

In the Star Studio, the children learnt how to dance the ‘Zorba’ a famous Greek dance. They had to learn a sequence of moves and then choreograph a section of the dance themselves. I was really impressed with the speed at which the classes picked up the sequence. We had lots of fun!

5 Sycamore classroom was busy all day making laurel wreaths out of green card of various shades to enhance their costumes.