Year 3 Trip to Florida

On Thursday, Year 3 took a quick trip over to Florida! They had to go through the airport processes and have their passports and boarding passes checked. This took a very long time so it was a good job their flight was delayed!

Once they arrived in Florida, they spent some time taking in their surroundings and going on a treasure hunt to look for items which are common in Florida. After this, they explored Disney World and mapped out a route to get around the park by enjoying certain attractions along their way. We then visited the International Space Station and learnt how astronauts go to the toilet and wash their hair in space! The children also designed their own space suit following a certain criteria.

By this point, the children were hungry so they went and had lunch in a Floridian school with some American children! Having refuelled, the children then sat down to write a postcard home reflecting on their exciting day! Before flying home, they spent some time relaxing on the beach with a delicious icepop and enjoyed the scenery whilst listening to the calming waves.

The children were great to travel with and everyone had a blast! What a great end to busy term where the children have worked extremely hard and settled into Stafford well!