Year 3 Art Day

On Tuesday, Year 3 got arty during their Art Day! Throughout the morning the children participated in different activities. The children looked at the work of Henri Matisse and created their own collages by cutting or tearing different materials. As they weren’t allowed to use pencils to draw out their collage design, the children got very creative and it was great to see them being more spontaneous with their choices. Another activity they took part in was using water colours to create a landscape. After carefully watching a tutorial, the children used large brushes and different colours to build layers to their landscapes. The final morning activity was sketching. The children had to use the skills they have been practising in art this term by using different pencils to add light and dark tones to their sketches. They sketched different items such as flowers in a vase, history artefacts and an oil lamp. After lunch, the whole of Year 3 continued their sketching skills by sketching the landscape they could see behind the field. Lots of light and dark tones were used to emphasise how far or close things are to school. Our corridor is already covered with lots of unique art. Everyone should be very proud of their hard work – we certainly are!