Term 4, Level 1 Intra-School Competition Report

This week has been our exciting competitions week at school. All the year groups have taken part in an intra-school competition, either within their own class or against other classes in the year group. Certificates were also awarded in the some of the competitions for children who did particularly well, or who demonstrated the School Games Values.

Year 3 & 5 Find-a-Goal

The aim of this School Games competition is to pass your ball through every goal in the shortest possible time. The children competed in pairs to see who the winners were. Certificates were also awarded to the most improved players.

Year 3 have been doing ball skills this term and their competition focused on netball skills:

Gold medallists Paige G, Amy, Elsa, Peyton
Silver medallists Casper Conway, Maisie Crompton
Most improved player Olivia Macklin
Ball dribble Mia, Bella, Hannah, Anna, Sasha, Niamh, Lacey, Isobel
Fast running Charlie in Rowan
Great effort in running Casey, Lacey, Bella

Year 5 have been doing hockey this term and so ran the same competition but with hockey equipment:

Gold medallists Grace C, Jess, Leilani, Lily
Silver medallists Lucy, Archie
Most improved player Henry
Winners Zuzanna & Hayley
Dribbling challenge Zuzanna, Hayley, Victor & Alfie

Year 4 Run the Loop

The ‘Run the loop’ core task involves a team of four batters trying to score points by striking the ball and running between bases, and a team of four fielders trying to retrieve, throw and catch the ball quickly and accurately. This was run as a competition in the last week after lots of skills practise!

Certificates went to Myles, Dylan T and Lola, Pearl, Alfie, Oliver, Teddy

Year 6 Treasure Island Invasion School Games Challenge

Achieve: The aim of this game is to collect treasure and get it back to your team’s treasure chest without losing your tail.

Year 6 Competition certificates were awarded to:

  • Charlie M, Keira, Sofia, Violet, Ben, Thomas R, Anna-Maria
  • Payten, Grace, Melody, Endrit, Kacey
  • Kal-El, Amelia, Thomas S, Lillie P, Lilli-Jane, Chloe

Year 6 Haka Dance-Off

The Year 6 classes have all been working hard this term creating their own version of the traditional New Zealand dance, the Haka. The term started with us watching the All Blacks intimidate their rugby opposition and we learnt to copy some of the moves.

From here, each class then choreographed their own dance in a similar style. The classes each nominated a leader, who used ideas from individuals to complete their own version. It was excellent to see the children lead their own learning in this way and work together as class teams.

The dances were then performed and judged. The joint winners were Alder – for their well-led dance that was intimidating and used a range of dance technicalities, such as mirroring and unison and Cedar – who had added group choreography after their whole class dance. Well done to all the classes for their great teamwork and enthusiasm.

Football Club awards

Mr Griffiths and Mr Brown, who run our football club, have been watching the players carefully! On Wednesday, they awarded some trophies. Well done to Mikey, who received the most improved attitude award, Phoebe, who achieved the most improved player award and Ben, who achieved the best player award.

Well done also to all our teams who have represented Stafford this term at our sports clubs and in the Level 2 competitions. We are very proud of all your efforts!