Stone Age Day

On Tuesday, Year 3 went back in time to the Stone Age.

They began their day by participating in Stone Age sport activities. This involved ‘hunting’ animals using the javelins, practising their aims and hunting mammoths! A massive thank you to Mrs Springett, Mr Smith, Mrs Osborne-Walker and Mr Richardson for organising this.

After break, the children became archaeologists. They investigated Stone Age people’s poo to find out what they ate! This was a very mucky, but exciting, way to investigate this! Thank you to Mr Walton, Mr Haddock and Mrs Lloyd for coming to see this. The children loved sharing their findings with you!

In the afternoon, everyone went on a Stone Age hunt to find different items. They had to identify what the item was and create a list. The children also had to find a suitable stick to use for cave paintings. For the cave paintings, the children used black and red paint to create some beautiful work.

Thank you to everyone involved in Year 3’s Stone Age day, including Ms Slimon, Miss Shields, Miss Dixon and Miss Thornton.