Space Role Play

This week EYFS have been learning all about “Whatever Next” and baby bear’s adventure to the moon. We acted out the story and made our own props to help. Our space role play was so exciting and we transformed in to astronauts and space cadets to run the space station and launch our own rockets. We also learnt about the moon “You don’t have gravity there and you will float off…you got to wear space suits” (Emily, Dolphins). We explored clay and made models of aliens “It’s much trickier than play-dough. Mine has antennae on top to help communication with earth and other aliens” (Hugo, Whales). Outside we also made some tea to warm baby bear up when he got home. “I have tea at home and you got to keep it in the bag. Mummy has milk and likes mixing it up so it goes more lighter” (Max, Sealions). We have loved our learning and hope you enjoy our photos and videos on Tapestry.