Science Week at Stafford

It has been brilliant to see the whole school getting involved with Science Week. We had an exciting start to the week with a flying display from the Night Owls team which the children and adults thoroughly enjoyed. The children then had the opportunity to have their photograph taken with Whisper the barn owl – Night Owls will be grateful for any purchases which will help them to continue visiting schools for free. The day was made even more special by so many children and staff coming into school dressed up as scientists, showing that scientists come in many different forms! Thank you for your support with this. The children have also enjoyed telling us all about the scientists that they have researched at home.

We have been fortunate to have ‘The Science Man’ Marcus Cherrill visiting us again, this time to do an exciting practical workshop with every class (Year 3 still have theirs to look forward to next week) as well as bringing in a ‘Van der Graaf generator’. With their teachers, Year 3 have made cress-heads and investigated germs and plant growth, Year 4 have been investigating factors that affect melting, Year 5 have been extracting DNA from strawberries and Year 6 have been doing lots of practical activities including making water filters for different countries around the world. See this week’s newsletter to find out who was awarded ‘Scientist of the Week’ in each class.

On Wednesday afternoon, Year 5 became scientists! The children had to follow a method step by step in order for the experiment to be successful. Working in small groups, they had to crush up strawberries and add washing-up liquid, water and salt using different equipment such as pippets. After that, the children filtered the mixture (with some difficulties!) into a cup where their teachers added ethanol to separate the DNA. All of the children were amazed and made careful observations to support their conclusions.

All of Year 5 loved having Marcus Cherrill in their classes to share his love of science. The children were amazed to see their friends' hair stand on end due to the static electricity created by the Van de Graaf.