Pupil Leadership Opportunites

Class Sports Crew Representatives

These children have been selected by their peers to help us improve PE and playtimes at Stafford. We will have our first meeting next week with our Play Leaders. 

Congratulations to:

3 Birch: Joshua
3 Rowan: Dylan
3 Elm: Ted
4 Ash: Jessica
4 Chestnut: Jack
4 Poplar: Dillon
5 Acacia: Cameron
5 Oak: Victor
5 Maple: Ned
6 Alder: Amy & Misha
6 Cedar: Phoebe
6 Larch: Ruby
6 Sycamore: George W

Play Leaders

These children help lead fun activities to get everyone active at breaktime. Thank you to all the children who have volunteered to be our Play Leaders so far. I look forward to some more children in Year 5 & 6 joining the group soon.

6 Larch: Abbigail
6 Cedar: Rebecca
6 Cedar: Matas
6 Cedar: Jimmy
6 Cedar: Dylan
6 Cedar: Freddie
6 Cedar: Jack
6 Cedar: Joshua
6 Cedar: Mack
6 Cedar: Zachary
6 Alder: Lillie
6 Alder: Eowyn
5 Acacia: Olivia
5 Acacia: Holly
5 Maple: Phoebe
5 Maple: Molly

Peer Mediators

These children volunteer and are trained to support their peers at breaktime and lunchtime:

Year 5
Maple: Darcey
Acacia: Holly
Acacia: Eva
Acacia: Elsie
Acacia: Pola
Oak: Nelly
Oak: Darcie
Oak: Louis
Oak: Hannah
Oak: Louie
Year 6
Larch: Violet
Larch: Dexter
Larch: Jasmine
Larch: Charlie
Larch: Keira
Sycamore: Melody
Sycamore: Emma
Sycamore: Grace