Outdoor Learning Day

On Thursday 23rd May we had a fantastic day of Outdoor Learning.  The children made great use of the school site and we were lucky enough to have great weather.  The children enjoyed doing sums on the playground and reading in groups in the meadow. Year ones learned about micro-habitats from the school pond too.

Year 3’s day started with reading outside – something so simple but so enjoyable. It was nice for the children to be able to read with friends in different classes and to share their favourite books with one another. We then moved onto writing nature poems in which the children used all five of their senses to create a range of poems. Some children wrote acrostic poems some children wrote poems that rhymed and some children did both! Everyone thought carefully about what to include and even remembered to include features like similes and alliterations. Miss Taylor then led some Zumba on the playground before break which was great to move to some music in the sunshine! After break time, the children used a range of equipment to measure the area and perimeter of different areas on the school playground. During the activity, the children showed great teamwork skills as well as mathematical skills to be able to add and multiply numbers. In the afternoon we got creative again by going on a nature walk to find materials to create a collage. We then used our senses to think about different sounds we hear in the outdoors and then recreated them using musical instruments. Each group performed their sounds and the other groups had to guess the sounds being made. Our last activity was drama where the children had role cards and used these to produce a whole class performance.

Everyone in Year 3 had so much fun and enjoyed being able to work across the year group and with children in Year 4. Ms Slimon – thank you so much for organising an amazing day, we really appreciate it!