Foundation Visit to Blackberry Farm

EYFS went to visit out wonderful chicks at Blackberry Farm! They have got so big now and changed colour. We were so excited to go on two huge coaches, “That is the biggest bus I have ever seen” (Isaac). We had a ride on a red tractor and saw the goats trip trapping over the wooden bridge. We were allowed to handle and pet the guinea-pig Treacle and the floppy-eared bunny! “Treacle is like a soft cuddly pudding” (Mabel). We fed the animals by holding our hands out flat and approaching slowly and calmly. “It tickles me” (Mitchell). It was so much fun having a picnic altogether and then playing in the amazing play-area with bouncy-pillow, zip-wires and tractors.

Thank you so much to our fantastic parent helpers – we couldn`t have done it without you! We loved every moment!