Curriculum Ambition: National

Our curriculum is designed with the intent and ambition to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure that pupil progress is strong. Our vibrant and exciting curriculum ensures that results for the school are consistently above national average for key performance measures.

Curriculum Ambition: Federation 

The Connected Curriculum enables us to develop our children’s curiosity about our world and promotes respect for both the living and non-living. Our programme of study ensures children will acquire and develop skills through a well-planned, engaging and practical science curriculum. Clear progression from EYFS through to Year 6 ensures children have the confidence to work scientifically. 

Our Learners and Values

Science plays a key role in developing pupils as Responsible, Resilient and Respectful. We believe that understanding our place in the world must start with an exploration of the natural phenomena in the community, taking the local as our starting point to understand the universal scientific concepts. We strive to give the children opportunities to gain a sense of awe and wonder for their world. 

We want our pupils to learn science through hands on, practical lessons with ‘working scientifically’ at its core. Pupils who are confident will ask thoughtful questions to develop their understanding, motivate learners and become the best they can be. 

Federation Pedagogy

Our curriculum is delivered by teachers who have a passion for science and encourage children’s inquisitive nature. We use first-hand practical experiences to engage the learners. Pupils’ ideas are heard and incorporated into planning. Every child is supported to develop their skills, interests and love of learning, both as an independent learner and as a member of a group. The teaching of science across the Federation is underpinned by a focus on the embedding of scientific vocabulary. Through challenging pupils, we ensure high expectations and allow discussion and open dialogue to be at the heart of every lesson. 

Our Context

At the Roselands and Stafford Federation, we recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to the needs of the pupils and families in our school community.

In particular, our learners need: 

  • Science lessons which help to embed maths skills
  • Scientific concepts explained using appropriate vocabulary
  • To ask questions and be curious about their surroundings
  • High expectations for recording to allow them to develop their Literacy skills
  • To understand the safety rules of science and develop the confidence needed to use scientific equipment
  • To understand the importance of listening in a lesson and within a team
  • Opportunities to learn beyond the classroom
  • To develop their understanding of how to become responsible citizens
  • To understand what it means to be a scientist and the contribution that profession makes to the wider community
  • To explore creatively and challenge their imaginations