Curriculum Ambition: National

Our Relationships, Sex & Health Education (RSHE) curriculum is designed with the intent and ambition to meet the requirements of the National Curriculum and ensure that pupils leave the federation with a secure knowledge of themselves and the world around them. Pupils will leave with a good understanding of relationships and how their decisions will affect their future in society. At the Federation, we use the Jigsaw scheme of work to ensure the children have full coverage of this subject and current National Curriculum content 

Curriculum Ambition: Federation 

The aim of our RSHE curriculum is to deliver a broad, balanced and creative curriculum which is accessible to all and engages the children with their learning in the Connected Curriculum across both schools. 

Through this curriculum, children will gain self-confidence and motivation to achieve their full potential. This will be done by developing their understanding of the world through tackling the moral, social and cultural issues that are part of growing older in society. Children will also have a good understanding of what a relationship is and what these look like in their communities. 

Our Learners and Values

Our values of Responsibility, Resilience and Respect underpin our RSHE curriculum. As a federation, we want our children to make responsible choices and be responsible learners. Through RSHE, we intend to discuss and use real life scenarios to inform choices at school and at home such as being responsible for their own learning and behaviour. Across the two schools we want to develop the children’s sense of self-worth, address their strengths, weaknesses and strive to ‘Be the Best that We Can Be’. Respect is shown and encouraged by pupils that are confident to take risks, and know how to keep themselves safe. Pupils are prepared for life and relationships and how to contribute to school life as individuals and as team players. We hope that these skills that are learnt in RSHE are used throughout their lives to positively affect the community in which they live in.

Federation Pedagogy

In planning the RSHE curriculum, we aim to embed the ‘3 R’s’ that are Responsibility, Resilience and Respect. In each RSHE lesson, we aim to challenge pupils through questioning and discussions. The children are encouraged to reflect on their own perspectives and make comparisons to their own and other’s lives.

The children will begin each lesson with a few minutes of mindfulness and reflection. Pupils will take part in whole class and group activities which encourages active learning and a safe space to openly share their thoughts and opinions with the class. Teachers will challenge and develop the children’s thinking making them independent and reflective learners. 

Our Context

At the Roselands and Stafford Federation, we recognise the importance of tailoring our RHSE curriculum to the needs of the pupils and families in our school community.

In particular, our learners need: 

  • To access an accessible and current curriculum that meets the needs of all learners. 
  • To become confident individuals who feel safe and have an awareness of how they learn which will help them make secure progress in oracy, English and maths.
  • To demonstrate pro-learning and pro-social attitudes to learning. 
  • To contribute to society by being part of groups outside of school using the skills they have been taught in RSHE lessons. 
  • An understanding of how to stay safe in school and in the wider world. 
  • To have a good understanding of what makes a good friend and what a healthy relationship looks like.