Curriculum Intent: National

At the Roselands-Stafford Federation, we fulfil national expectations by ensuring that our teaching reflects the National Curriculum for History whilst encouraging our curriculum to reflect our local context. We expect all children to meet or exceed the national expectation for achievement and we support all children in doing so. 

Curriculum Intent: Federation 

As a Federation, we promote curiosity and a fascination of the past through enabling children to engage in exciting learning experiences. The role of History, in the National Curriculum, is to increase children’s knowledge of local, British and Global History; encouraging them to understand past events, appreciating their impact upon the current world we live in. 

Through teaching a Connected Curriculum, children are encouraged to apply transferrable skills such as analysing and investigating in all subject areas. It is our intention to promote active learning through children exploring historical sources which encourage them to question their importance in providing vital clues about past events. 

Our Learners and Values

Resilience is encouraged through identifying mistakes that key historical figures may have made and overcome. Children are also encouraged to Respect the challenges that others have faced. Consequently, History helps them to recognise that they are active citizens who are Responsible for making key changes that help to make the world a better place. With child-led learning as a foundation for the teaching of History, we ensure all children’s voices are heard, and ‘Be the Best You Can Be’ is reflected in the attitudes of all staff and pupils.

Federation Pedagogy

In the History curriculum, pupils are provided with opportunities to challenge their own perspectives, by asking questions about the significance of historical events and people, causes of events and changes in the past. Through the use of activities, pupils are required to think about and investigate the past independently, and to justify their opinions.

Our Context

We follow the National Curriculum, reflecting the needs and diversity of our local community and making the most of our rich surroundings. This ensures that there is progression in History throughout the Federation, enabling children to build on their skills and knowledge. We develop literacy through reading historical narratives, engaging with written resources and teaching pupils how to write well structures answers to questions. Children have the opportunity to develop their oracy skills through contributing their ideas in discussion work. 

Pupils’ understanding of key events and their own history is enhanced by enriched activities which take them beyond the classroom.