English Curriculum Ambition: National

At the Roselands & Stafford Federation it is our intent and ambition for English to broadly follow the National Curriculum, whilst using our status as a Federation to adapt the curriculum to reflect our local context. Our intention is that pupils make rapid progress, so that English results for the school are consistently above national averages in all phases for key performance measures.  

English Curriculum Ambition: Federation 

Roselands and Stafford pupils receive a broad, balanced and creative English curriculum which fosters a lifelong love of reading to enable pupils to progressively build and deepen their knowledge, understanding and skills across all subjects. Our varied and creative English curriculum progresses through EYFS to Year 6, providing children with the acquired skills at each key stage to secure an effective transition. The role of English in the curriculum is to develop imaginative and inspired writers who are ambitious and fluent readers, who enjoy reading for pleasure, resulting in confident and considered communicators. English is an immersive cross-curricular subject that is developed in all areas of the school, with literacy at the heart of all planned activities and experiences. 

Our Learners and Values

We want every pupil to develop a sense of curiosity which enables them to ask pertinent questions; develop enquiring minds and, most importantly, enjoy their English lessons. We want our pupils to know themselves as learners; to understand their strengths; address their weaknesses and strive to be the best they can be through taking responsibility to develop their own passion for language and the written word. We want pupils to demonstrate resilience by taking risks; learning from their mistakes; to show respect by being active listeners and excel as communicators. English plays a key role in enabling our pupils to engage with and demonstrate our values and develop as global citizens.

Federation Pedagogy

In planning the aspirational English curriculum, we aim to provide a positive climate for learning which embodies high expectations of all pupils, enabling them to have quality, wholesome learning experiences. We challenge our pupils through ambitious reading, writing, speaking and listening opportunities. We engage pupils through rich texts and creative schemes that immerse their imaginations and ignites their interests. We provide feedback through a variety of effective strategies to develop pupils’ understanding which are delivered by both teacher and pupil. Independent learning is achieved through appropriate differentiation, modelling and support to enable pupils to reach their full potential without dependence on the teacher. All children are valued for their contributions, achievements, gifts and talents. 

Our Context

In English, to ensure rapid progress, we have developed an inclusive curriculum which meets the needs and abilities of all learners. We recognise the importance of tailoring our curriculum to reflect the needs and diversity of the local community. We develop literacy through a wealth of planned learning opportunities beyond the classroom and captivating cross-curricular projects. Through exploring a range of age appropriate materials, we delve into political, human and moral scenarios. Pupils use these to form their own sense of being; learn vital skills needed to be effective learners and know how to stay safe in the local community and the wider world.