Curriculum Intent: National

At the Roselands-Stafford Federation, we ensure to fulfil the national expectations by ensuring that our teaching reflects the aims of the National Curriculum for Design and Technology. Our goal is that all children are to meet or exceed the national expectation for learning and we will support all children in reaching this.

Curriculum Intent: Federation

At the Roselands-Stafford Federation, DT is an inspiring, rigorous and practical subject that develops learning and results in the acquisition of knowledge and skills. Due to its practical aspects, the children will ultimately know more, understand more and remember more. It will encourage children to reflect and intervene creatively to solve problems, both as individuals and as part of a team. Children are encouraged to use their creativity and imagination, to design and make products that solve real and relevant problems within a variety of contexts. This will enable children to understand that their products need a purpose. We implement the Connected Curriculum with the aim that children apply the skills of designing, making and evaluating in all other subject areas. We aim to link work to other areas such as mathematics, science, computing and art, as well as STEM work with local businesses, wherever possible.

Our Learner and Values

Through the exploration of designers who have made significant contributions to the world of design, and those relevant to our school’s locality, the children will learn to Respect the process of DT. This includes generating, developing and improving their designs by learning about key historical figures and the challenges they faced and overcame. As designers, children will develop skills and attributes that they may use beyond school and into adulthood, including being Resourceful with the materials they select. There will be outstanding three-dimensional displays dedicated to DT throughout the school, to celebrate children’s learning and highlight their exceptional creativity. The learning environment in which they learn will be rooted with Respect and celebrating others’ individuality and developing a Resilience towards any challenges faced in their learning.

Federation Pedagogy

By delivering this exciting, engaging and motivating Curriculum, it is our hope that children are given endless opportunities and experiences for cross curricular learning. Lessons will be fueled by the questions posed by the children and each lesson will be of high quality. Children will be free to express their creativity in the classroom and will grow in confidence when sharing their ideas and helping others to achieve the same. 

Our Context

Our Connected Curriculum ensures that DT is cross curricular and is intertwined in all other subjects, whilst teaching children the distinguishing features of what makes a DT lesson. One aspect children will be involved in is the Risk Assessments in order for them to learn how to be safe when using various tools. Through lessons, children will be exposed to technical language, which they will be able to use and understand confidently, enabling them to use them confidently in all aspects of DT. Mathematical skills will be transferred into DT lessons to enable children to successfully create their designs. We aim to make links to designs and designers throughout history and provide opportunities for children to critically reflect upon and evaluate their designs. The curriculum ensures the DT is taught so that it links and builds upon the Learning Units that each year group have experienced, while ensuring that children’s individuality and creativity is celebrated.