Curriculum Ambition: National

At Roselands and Stafford Federation it is our intent to follow the National Curriculum. It is our ambition that pupils make strong and steady progress to meet and exceed National Curriculum requirements and expectations.

Curriculum Ambition: Federation

The role of art and design in the curriculum is to inspire the children so that they are engaged in their learning and develop a strong foundation on which to build their skills and knowledge through enrichment experiences. The children will be encouraged on their creative journey; art and design will help pupils make their personal and collaborative expressions through projects of art, craft and design. 

Our Learners and Values

Responsibility, resilience and respect underpin our curriculum as we strive to be the best that we can be. Pupils develop resilience through their ability to confidently generate and improve their artistic ideas. Respect is developed through their appreciation and evaluation of their own, their peers’ and all pupils’ work across the Federation, along with the work of other artists. Pupils develop responsibility by looking at art as a method of communication which informs and influences opinion. They also learn to take responsibility for art equipment and materials that they use.

Federation Pedagogy

In planning the art and design curriculum, we are aspirational with high expectations that enable pupils to rise to the challenges that the subject offers. This is achieved through creating a positive environment for learning, where pupils are motivated and engaged to use their creative ideas independently, collaboratively and inclusively. They are encouraged to develop their artistic skills as a form of visual communication.

Our Context

By following the national curriculum, we reflect the needs and diversity of the local community. This ensures progression in art and design throughout the federation. We support literacy and oracy through teaching pupils how to research, communicate, analyse, critically evaluate and review their work and the work of significant artists. We support numeracy through the links between art and mathematical concepts.
Opportunities to develop pro-learning and pro-social attitudes through working together are given by way of the defined entitlements to enrichment experiences. Pupils are taught how to work safely when using and experimenting with tools, equipment, materials and techniques appropriate to the tasks and with care for themselves and others. This will ensure a safe and steady development of skills.