Curriculum Ambition: National

At Roselands and Stafford, our music intent is to meet and exceed the requirements of the National Curriculum. Pupil Progress will be strong and consistently above key performance measures.

Curriculum Ambition: School: Federation

At Roselands and Stafford, music is critical to our children’s development of intellectual, perceptual, physical, emotional and creative abilities. Through their musical studies, pupils will be engaged and inspired to expand their self-confidence and creativity. Children will develop a love of music as part of a broad and balanced curriculum including listening, reviewing and evaluating music across a range of historical periods, genres, styles and traditions. They will have opportunities to sing and play musical instruments.

Our Learners and Values

Music plays a key role in enabling our pupils to engage with and demonstrate our values and develop as global citizens. Pupils develop a sense of responsibility by playing and performing with an awareness of others and through their studies, pupils will learn to respect the musical tastes and cultures of others. Pupils will be encouraged to be resilient and strive to ‘Be the Best that we can Be’ when overcoming obstacles, and have the confidence to rise up to the challenge as an individual and as a team-player.

Federation Pedagogy

In planning the music curriculum, we aim to ensure pupils have high quality learning experiences. Through creative and practical tasks we provide stimulating activities which result in highly motivated and engaged learners with everybody’s contribution being of value.

Our Context

We have an inclusive curriculum which reflects the diversity of the local community and ensures that there is progression between each key stage.

Pupils are encouraged to have an ‘I can do this’ or ‘I can’t do this…yet’ attitude to their learning and know that we can learn from each other’s experience and grow. Teachers have high expectations of pupils’ behaviour.

Within all lessons, Literacy is developed through the use of key musical vocabulary and by pupils sharing their opinions and preferences by discussion to promote oracy skills. Numeracy is developed through an understanding of rhythm, duration and tempo.

There are planned opportunities which take children beyond the classroom including working with other schools in local productions and taking music into the nearby community.

Pupils will be shown how to use instruments sensibly and safely.