Craig Jenkins The Storyteller


This week we were visited by Craig Jenkins, a global storyteller. He amazed us with stories of mice, lions, deer and even a boy who had magic powers. We joined in and made the stories come alive with actions, songs, jingles and so much laughter! Craig ran workshops with every child and even managed to squeeze in a tale of a father and son at lunchtime. He was incredible, and we loved learning the tools to tell a truly remarkable story. Teachers even had some training to share tips and ideas so I am sure your children will be coming home with my stories each and every week! Thank you to Craig and to the children for participating with such enthusiasm and positivity.


Stafford welcomed the amazing and talented storyteller, Craig Jenkins, on Tuesday this week. Craig has toured the world telling his stories and we were thrilled to have the chance to see him. He spent some time with every year group and told us some hilarious stories that all had a message for us to think about. This inspired many of us to use these techniques within our own writing the next day.  Many of the children were inspired by his visit (and wrote letters to thank him) and we all had lots of fun! After the visit, at the end of the school day, he worked with the teachers from the whole Federation, who enjoyed practising some of the techniques that Craig uses to make his stories so engaging.