Balance in Motion

6 Larch have been looking at ‘Balance in Motion’ this term during their P.E. with the support of Mr Griffiths. Throughout the term the children have learnt the importance of warming up correctly and the positive changes they will notice in their bodies once they have successfully completed a warm up. They then built on the moves they used during their warm up, to create a group balance. We have also explored flight, how to work together collaboratively, worked on the skills required to perform a head stand and used the wall bars and other apparatus safely. To finish our topic, the children worked on a group performance which they then performed to Mr Griffiths and Ms Markides who were the judges. The children all took this performance seriously and it was wonderful to even see one group practising their routine during morning activities! Well done 6 Larch for all you have achieved during your P.E. lessons this term and a special thank you to Mr Griffiths.