Abi Elphinstone Visit

Last week we were lucky enough to have a visit from Abi Elphinstone, author of The ‘Dreamsnatcher’ trilogy and ‘Sky Song’. She talked to the children about the process of writing a book and brought her wildcat Griff along, as well as other items, such as catapults, featured in her books. Abi talked to the children about all the adventures she went on which inspired her book; waterfall climbing as a child, riding in wheelbarrows, climbing the moors and wildcat spotting.  She told them how she found the inspiration for the woods in The Dreamsnatcher, in the great oaks of the New Forest. All of her ideas for writing came from experiences rather than sitting in a room trying to think of plot lines and characters. She told the children to look up and experience life, as storing these memories could be inspiration for future writing.

The children were captivated by Abi’s tales of all the adventures she has been on from abseiling down caves, hangliding off mountains and her recent trip, living in the mountains of Mongolia with the Kazakh Eagle hunters.

There were lots of interesting questions for Abi about who influences her, who her favourite authors are, and she gave sneak preview of the next book she is writing. Later, Abi signed copies of her books for the children. Thank you to our librarians who were super ambassadors for Stafford and who were very helpful in making the day run smoothly.